Beginnings of "Topo grupė", the present market leader in wholesale and retail of household appliances and electronic equipment, go back to “Aurelijus ir Giedrius” company.
The first step - the opening of the first outlet offering household appliances more than ten years ago. 
The chain of outlets “Topo centras” was established in the year 1995.
Efficient activity and successful development of the company resulted from strong relations with partners and strategic selection of brands representing top-quality household appliances. Over ten years of its operation, the Lithuanian capital company expanded its profile adding sales of audio and video systems, computer equipment, and managed to become the Lithuanian market leader in household appliances and electronic devices.
From the very beginning of its activity, the company has been focusing on superior service of clients, both retail and wholesale. Such an attitude laid the foundations for a long-term success strategy: together with the chain of outlets, maintenance service offered to the clients has been improving. The established company “AG Service” contributed to the consolidation of the leader’s position. 
The group of companies has been developing intensively and discovering attractive export markets of Latvia, Russia and Belarus.
The group considers 2006 as the year of changes: to employ inner resources effectively, reorganisation was implemented that resulted in successful activity management and competitive advantage in the market. When "Topo grupė" became a holding company, “AG Trade” wholesale company was established. This fact also contributed to the consolidation of the leading position of "Topo grupė".

Today, "Topo grupė" is one of the biggest groups of companies in wholesale and retail of household appliances and electronic equipment in Lithuania.
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