About us

Topo grupė” - International Group of companies is a leader in retail of household appliances and electronic equipment.

In Lithuania, “Topo grupė” holds the following: “Topo centras”, the biggest retail chain of household appliances and  "Euronics" - European retail chain of home electronics and computer equipment and “AG Service” company providing maintenance service.

“Topo grupė” is a modern, vigorous and effectively operating company having strong and long-term relations with its foreign suppliers. Being the market leaders, companies held by the group may offer the most favourable conditions both for consumers and trade partners.

Besides, companies of “Topo grupė” are active participants of public, cultural and social life.

Public Activity
Promotion of Cultural Projects, Social Responsibility, Support of Education and Sport.

Each year, successfully developing and operating "Topo grupė" allocates considerable funding to social, cultural, sports and public projects. Sharing its success with a range of organisations carrying out different activity, "Topo grupė" pays the greatest attention to efficiency of the projects introduced and significance thereof in society, adaptation of project results in everyday life and stimulation of a better future for children and youth.

Social Activity
The chain of outlets “Topo centras” has a regular practice of being the general sponsor of “Išsipildymo akcija” (Fulfilment Campaign) run by TV3 and the artist Nomeda. By taking part in this campaign, the chain of outlets supports the most disadvantaged children allocating funds to improvement of their dwelling place, health and leisure. “Topo centras” has been continuously supporting children foster homes in different places of Lithuania providing them with household appliances, contributing significantly to the charity concerts for the disabled children, and supporting the Lithuanian Society of People with Disabilities.

Promotion of Cultural Projects
Operating all over Lithuania, the chain of outlets “Topo centras” contributes to the events and anniversaries organised by cities and towns. The chain of outlets has already provided financial support to such organisations as the Lithuanian Theatre Association, Utena Cultural Centre, Alytus Town Theatre, “Alka” Samogitian Museum, and continues supporting the festivals arranged all over Lithuania: Pažaislis Music Festival, “Operetė pilyje” (Operetta in a Castle), “Šėlkim, dūkim, linksmi būkim” (Let’s Spree, Rollick and Be Joyful), Rokiškis Theatre Festival “Vaidiname žemdirbiams” (We Perform for Farmers), “Kalėdos sostinėje” (Christmas in the Capital). “Topo centras”, the seller of household appliances, audio and video systems, and computer equipment, is the general sponsor of “Kaunas Talent” Music Competition of Children and Youth.

Promotion of Sports Projects
The group of companies "Topo grupė" is one of the main participants of “Horn Grand-Prix” Race. Belief that sport is one of the most important attributes of life also leads to support of different sports branches. For many years, the chain of outlets “Topo centras” was the sponsor of the basketball team “Topo centras-Atletas” and contributed to “Žvaigdžių diena” (Day of Stars) organised by the Lithuanian Basketball League. Furthermore, “Topo centras” provided significant financial support to the following clubs: Darius and Girėnas Sports Club, Kaunas Sports Club “Juta”, Off-Road Sports Club. In order to stimulate progress and foster national values, the management of "Topo grupė" supports the Lithuanian Acrobatic Flight Federation and projects thereof.

Support of Education
To induce youth enterprise and creativity that are a must for today’s business, support was provided to Vilijampolė Art Centre, “Junior Achievement” Organisation in Lithuania and a few schools of Kaunas. Furthermore, the most advanced graduates of Lithuanian University of Agriculture may enjoy presents given by “Topo centras”.

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